Sad news - Robbery at Bullcroft Memorial Hall

Published 08 May, 2015 in Bullcroft Memorial Hall, Community

NDDT is sadden by the vicious act carried out at Bullcroft Memorial Hall earlier this week, this is a Centre for the Community and those responsible have cause upset and outrage.

As well as items and cash stolen from the property thousands of pounds worth of damage has been cause, along with the emotional upset and outrage suffered by staff and members of the community that regularly use the centre.

Items stolen include:

Merida ladies tour bike
Colourmix stage lights & Stagg stands
Samsung mobile phone
Yamaha portable PA
Petrol Lawn Mower
Dyson Hoover

These are only some items stolen - Please if you are offered any of these items notify the Police or NDDT any information will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.