NDDT's UK Online Week Success! 13/10/14 - 17/10/14

Published 22 October, 2014

The 2014 UK On-line week has been a huge success for NDDT this year as we have carried out several events throughout the Doncaster area. 

At Bentley Library on the 13th October we had a great turnout of residents throughout the local area, who turned up willing to 'try something new' by engaging on-line. All that turned up thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have expressed an interest in taking part in the weekly sessions every Monday. Two residents have taken their learning to the next level by creating their own folders representing their outstanding achievements earned throughout the learn my way course.

On the 15th October NDDT delivered a UK Online event at Bullcroft Memorial Hall in Carcroft. For the event we made use of the internet Cafe and available rooms to deliver an exciting and informative session that was enjoyable to everyone who attended.

We look forward to holding another UK Get On-line week next year in partnership with Tinder Foundation.