Money is available to support the communities of Bentley Ward and Great North Road Ward through Community First funding.

The next closing date for applications is Friday 28th February 2014, read on for more information.

Closing Dates For Applications in 2013/14:

Sunday 30th June 
Saturday 31st August 
Thursday 31st October 

Tuesday 31st December
Friday 28th February 2014

Community First – What is it?

Selected wards and communities across the UK have been allocated government funding in order to support community projects that address local needs. The Community Development Foundation (CDF) is the organisation responsible for funding the projects through the ‘Community First’ Programme.

With the support of Doncaster Council and North Doncaster Development Trust, Bentley Ward has established a Community First Panel, ‘Bentley Together’

As described by CDF, the Community First programme will:

  • Support local projects that improve the quality of life for local people
  • Promote a sense of ownership not only of problems but of local opportunities and resources
  • Start more neighbourhood groups and revitalise existing groups
  • Introduce a new approach to funding projects - leveraging time, money and other resources- helping neighbourhoods play a leading role in regenerating their area

It will result in:

  • Communities being able to help themselves and others
  • Neighbourhood groups that are better able to express their needs and influence decisions made about that community
  • Neighbourhood groups that are better able to take control of resources needed to make a difference – enhancing confidence,capability and partnership.